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Sunlight platform at the Edge computing

The Sunlight Edge system platform is a restricted version of the Sunlight cluster, optimised to run on resource constrained edge computing environments. Targeting systems with memory up to a maximum of 128GB per server, single socket processor boards with reduced cores (maximum 16 cores) and lower grade storage drives, such as M.2 format NVMe and direct attached SATA SSDs, it can be deployed on Intel embedded processor boards such as Atom and Xeon-D boards:

Both systems presented above can support external NVMe storage attached via the PCIe interface, such as the following examples: - Samsung EVO M.2 drives up to 2TB of storage - Intel 660p NVMe

Regarding the installation of additional storage drives', an add-on PCIe card can be installed, such as a single card pcie-ssd-adapter or bifurcated card in order to support more than one drive.