Connect an on Premise Cluster with SIM

The following instructions provide information on how to connect an on-premise cluster with the SIM dashboard. First you are required to log in with the credentials that were set in the previous setup guide.

Select the "Clusters" tab and then click on "Add Cluster" in the "on-premise clusters" area, as shown below:

Add On-Premise on SIM

Then you are prompted to insert a cluster's name. You must fill in the desired name and click submit:

On-Premise SIM name

Then the cluster goes into an initialization state until you complete the two step authentication:

1. Generate a hash key from SIM

You must click on actions and then select "Generate key"

SIM Generate hash key

Select "OK" on the following verification message:

SIM Verify the key

The generated hash key is presented on a pop-up window:

Hash key

The admin should copy the generated key in order to paste it into the on-premise dashboard UI.

2. Add the hash key to the on-premise cluster dashboard

The next step in the procedure is to connect to the on-premise cluster dashboard directly and add the SIM generated hash key. There are 2 ways to access the SIM configuration option in the Sunlight cluster dashboard:

a) by clicking on administrator settings and then selecting "Manage SIM session" add button.

Admin settings

b) by selecting directly the indicator SIM icon, as shown below:

Add SIM session directly

Paste the hash key and then click connect:

Add SIM key

Once the hash key has been added successfully, a message containing the controller's public key is presented. You must save this key for the next step.

public key on premise

3. Insert the on-premise cluster generated key in the SIM dashboard

The second authentication step is to save the on-premise key to the SIM. The on-premise key was generated in the previous step. If you haven't copied the key already, you can view it again by clicking on SIM session actions and selecting the "Display public controller key" option.

display public key

The next step is to save this key on your SIM dashboard. Click on actions and then select "Save On-premise Key".

Save on premise

Paste the key and click "OK".

Verify key

Now the authentication is completed successfully and the state of the cluster should indicate "Online". So the user can view the " Online" state as well as the link of the cluster's UI. By selecting that link the user will be able to visit the login screen of the Sunlight cluster directly.

Online on premise

A tooltip containing the cluster ID is displayed, by hovering the mouse cursor on top of the "id" field:

hover onpremise sim

The user can view the nodes associated with this cluster, by clicking on the id link, as illustrated below:

nodes onpremise sim

Upon clicking on the node link, all of the virtual machines on that node are displayed. For each VM the user can see the ID, the name, the state of the VM, the public IP and the private IP.

instances onpremise sim

The on-premise cluster can also be removed, by selecting the "Remove" option from the menu.

remove onpremise sim

You can view the active SIM session from the Sunlight dashboard UI,through the following ways: a) by selecting the administrator settings and viewing the "Manage SIM sessions" field:

See SIM sessions

b) by the indicator SIM icon:

See SIM sessions icon

You can also see and manage the active SIM sessions by visiting the administrator settings and selecting "Manage SIM sessions", or by selecting directly the SIM icon. You can now view all of the active SIM sessions, as depicted in the image below:

See active SIM sessions

Furthermore, you can disconnect an active SIM session by selecting actions and then "Disconnect".

Disconnect a SIM session