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Instance Resize

Instance Resize

The platform provides the capability of changing the size of an instance by changing its flavor. This process rebuilds the instance and therefore concludes with a restart.

Flavor Resize

    Note : By default, the "server resize" provides the guest operating system with the chance of performing a controlled shutdown, before the instance is powered off and the instance is resized.

To resize an instance, visit the 'Instances' tab and follow the next steps.

  1. On the corresponding VM go to Actions button -> Resize

Instance Resize

A new screen appears, providing the option of choosing from one of the supported flavors, according to the available resources, in order to resize the instance. As soon as the user selects a new flavor, for example the m8.xlarge.d4 flavor with 4 extra cores, 2 extra GB of memory and 20GB of extra storage (on top of the existing one), an overview of the selected flavor's specification displayed as shown in the figure below.

    The user has the ability to choose a flavor that increases or decreases the number of cores and memory size, as well as to increase the size of the available root partition and ephemeral disks of this instance.
  1. Press Start to initialize the resize process.

Flavor Resize

  1. The user is then requested to confirm the resize action. Press OK to proceed. Resizing can take some time. During this time, the status of the instance displayed as 'Resizing'.

Resize Confirmation

Following the successful completion of the resize process, the new resized instance with the new flavor specifications are displayed, as illustrated by the following figure.

New Created Resized Instance

Now, the user is also able to open the logs of the resized instance and check the step by step actions that were conducted until the resize process was completed.

Resize logs