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Since version 4.0.0 the SIM can support the configuration of different providers through the settings page.

What problem is solved?

The new feature gives the user the ability to define custom providers. The available types can be a general storage provider, execution provider and db storage provider. A short description of the usage of each provider is given below

  • A general storage provider is a storage end point where clusters can store all the available templates (image backups) from each Cluster.Currently the NFS, S3 types of storage providers are supported.
  • An execution provider at SIM is required in order to allow creation of new custers hosted in AWS. Currently the EC2 type of execution provider is supported.
  • A DB storage provider is used to periodically save a backup of the SIM’s internal database. The backup is stored locally and if a DB storage provider is present it is uploaded to the bucket as well. The available types of DB storage providers are AWS S3.

Provider configuration

If a provider is not configured the SIM will notify the user at login process.

aws infrastructure manager settings

Clicking on the settings link, the user will be redirected to the settings page where the provider configuration procedure can be followed.

The notification messages will close automatically after 5 seconds.

After the provider configuration is complete, the user can attach/detach a general provider through a cluster's action menu.

Finally in order to create an AWS cluster the user has to create an execution provider and use it in the first step of the AWS creation wizard as a required parameter. Also the user optionally can set a general storage provider in the same step.