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Deploying Sunlight in Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Urgent Note - 21 Sep 2022 - SAUS update 4.0.22

We are temporarily disabling the create AWS cluster from the SIM platform. More information to follow on future release.

The Sunlight platform can be deployed as a fully managed cluster on the AWS baremetal infrastructure. The recommended approach is to deploy your own instance of a Sunlight Infrastructure Manager dashboard with appropriately configured IAM policy. When configured with correct IAM properties you are then able to deploy and manage Sunlight clusters natively in AWS selecting from any of the Metal server type listed below.

Bare Metal Instances

Supported Amazon baremetal instances include some number of direct attached Non-Volatile Memory Express (NVMe) storage drives which are optimized for low latency, very high random I/O performance, and high sequential read throughput, delivering high IOPS. In addition, every metal type server also provides access to the high performance AWS elastic network hardware providing up to 25 Gbps of network bandwidth.

Model vCPU Memory (GiB) Network performance Storage (TB) Further info
i3.metal 72 logical (HT) processors on 36 physical cores 512 25 Gigabit ethernet per node 8 x 1.9TB NVMe SSD Visit AWS info page here
i3en.metal 96 logical (HT) processors on 48 physical cores 768 25 Gigabit ethernet per node 8 x 7.5TB NVMe SSD Visit AWS info page here
z1d.metal 48 logical (HT) processors on 24 physical cores 384 25 Gigabit ethernet per node 2 x 0.9TB NVMe SSD Visit AWS info page here

Visit the following link to get started with Sunlight on AWS.