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Cloud Template Portal

Sunlight offers a cloud based template service that allows customers to store their custom templates on-demand and make them available to any of their Sunlight clusters.

Login to Portal

Please login to the Sunlight Template Portal through the following link: Template Portal and submit the requested credentials (Username/Password), provided by support. For registration, please contact here: support.

Template Portal Login

Following a successful login, the main page of the portal is presented, which includes the already uploaded template images. The possibility of searching for existing uploaded templates is also available.

Template Portal Main Page

Upload Image Templates

In order to upload a new template image to the Sunlight portal, please select the 'Upload' tab on the top left of the page and provide the required information on the 'Upload form', by following the steps below.

Upload Template Form

  1. Fill in the requested fields according to the template's specifications such as the 'Provider', 'Architecture', 'Cluster type' , 'Version' , min Ram (MB), min Disk (GB) etc.

  2. Specify the Remote status as 'Enabled'.

  3. Select Browse , choose the required template tar file and press the SUBMIT button.

Example Values:

Key Value
Provider Sunlight
Architecture x86_64
Cluster type vm
OS Distribution Ubuntu
OS Version 18.04
Minimum Ram (MB) 2048
Minimum DIsk (GB) 20

Delete Image Template

In order to delete a template image from the Sunlight portal, navigate to the 'Images' tab, click on the configuration option of the desired image and select 'Delete' as illustrated in the image below.

Delete image template portal

Download Image Template

In order to download a template image from the Sunlight portal to local space, navigate to the 'Images' tab, click on the configuration option of the desired image and select 'Download'.

Download image template portal

Confirm the downloading of the selected image.

Confim download image template portal

You can check the downloading process by hovering your mouse over the selected image, as illustrated in the screenshot below.

Progress bar image template download

Logout from the Portal

In order to logout from the portal, you may click on the 'Logout' tab on the top left of the page, as depicted below.

Upload Template Form

Connect the cloud template portal to the cluster UI

This section demonstrates the process of creating an individual repository, including templates that are already uploaded on the Portal. By selecting the Administration option tab, the user can view information about the existing system Template repositories. In order to create a new template, click on the "plus" sign, as indicated in the following figure:

Administration Template Repositories

As a first step, fill in the required (Username/Password) credentials and provide a name for the new repository.

Add new template repository

The new repository, representing the template portal repo, will appear in the templates repository section with the provided name, as depicted in the following image. The user is also able to delete created repositories by selecting the "Actions" option on the left side of the screen.

Templates Repositories Administration section

The user is now able to select the 'Instances' tab and navigate to the 'Image Templates' section. The new repository has been created and is available for selection. It is evident that this repository is composed of already uploaded templates from the Portal, as demonstrated in the following image.

Templates Repositories Administration section