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Pre-flight Checklist

Before starting your new Sunlight journey with your on-premise hardware we request all administrators to follow this checklist carefully:

  1. Between 2 and Max supported number of Intel or AMD architecture servers. Check the latest release support limitations for the Max number.
  2. For each server, check there are 2 or more Intel 10Gbit compatible NICs. NICs can be either LOM or external PCIe such as Intel X540-T2 - X540 Chip.
  3. All 10Gbit NIC ports must be attached to one or more 10gbit switches such as Netgear 16 or 28 port XS716E with compatible transceivers if required. At least 2 switches must be deployed to provide a highly available infrastructure.
  4. Check that all switch ports are enabled for 10gbit speed and for 9K+ MTU (jumbo frames).
  5. Every server should have at least 2 NVMe drives attached to the PCIe bus.
  6. If not pre-installed, ensure you have downloaded and burned the USB single image for master and slave onto a USB thumb drive.
  7. Check the network configuration requirements (e.g. DHCP or static, default gateway, NetMask, DNS servers etc..) with your network administrator.
  8. Contact Sunlight for a software license in order to activate the platform.
  9. Check you have an installation drive inserted into each of the systems, that RAID is disabled and that it is verified as bootable in the BIOS.

You are now ready to begin installation!