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Release 4.8.6 - Release Notes (14 November 2023)


This is our latest release (release 4.8.6) with major changes included.

Additional instructions would be published as far as the upgrade procedure is concerned.

New Features

  • [UI] Implemented the new Factory installation procedure
  • [UI] Implemented the new feature in the NexCenter - Waiting room which includes
    • Isolate node function
    • Initialize cluster function,
    • Clustering function
  • [UI] Added cluster rename action
  • [UI] Associated jobs and backups
  • [UI] Added capacity option when initializing a cluster
  • [API] Automated initialization of new nodes added to a cluster, during Node migration action
  • [API] Enabled migration of non-licensed nodes
  • [API] Enabled node isolation from a cluster, converting it into a single cluster
  • [API] Integrated cluster connection on SIM using the Assert file
  • [API] Added Factory Reset functionality
  • [NV] Implemented the exposure of all visible nodes, for cluster initialization feature


  • [UI] Unified appearance of select, form fields, field errors, buttons, checkboxes
  • [UI] Optimized UX flow on step builders (marketplace, cluster creation, move mv)
  • [UI] Added skeletons instead of spinners on marketplace
  • [UI] Added icons on empty data tables
  • [UI] Simplified recipe flow on execution and added metadata/files editing on second step
  • [UI] Decoupled Metadata/files editing from recipe creation
  • [UI] VM Details page redesigned
  • [UI] Edit recipe files/metadata redesigned
  • [UI] Added read more functionality to recipe description
  • [UI] Changed strings and settings to the settings section
  • [UI] Removed region and added max number backups in job pages
  • [UI] Supported factory installation
  • [API] Corrected vCPU usage calculation during VM resize.
  • [API] Refactored VM placement algorithm and addressed related issues.
  • [API] Accelerated VM state update during snapshot generation

  • [API] Optimized snapshot creation for large VDisks

  • [API] Excluded DB metadata Vdisk from factory reset
  • [API] Implemented auto-start for VMs post forced node reboot
  • [API] Added clustering functionality for SIM and Virtupian.It provides the ability to merge two different clusters into a single one
  • [API] Cluster initialization with three plans: Capacity, Performance, and FT
  • [API] Connect cluster to the SIM, using a single IP address
  • [API] Enabled VM list retrieval when cloud init files are missing
  • [API] Organized backups in chronological order
  • [API] Introduced 'is_hidden' attribute for recipe edits
  • [API] Specified maximum backup count in jobs
  • [API] Extended AWS cluster creation support to the AP-EAST-1 region
  • [API] Enhanced cluster health monitoring with additional fields

Long standing Improvements

  • [UI] Refactored and cleaned up code in various UI components
  • [UI] Enriched and refactored jest tests
  • [UI] Enriched and refactored cypress tests
  • [UI] Updated react version from react v17 to v18
  • [UI] Updated react-redux version to to v8.1.1

Bug Fixes

  • [UI] Fixed issues related to deassigning admin role from users
  • [UI] Allowed moving a VM only if a cluster has a general storage provider assigned to it
  • [API] Resolved Grub update problem when enabling FT
  • [API] Fixed VM move functionality for absent templates
  • [NV] Fix for passing through the VGA on the SE30 and other devices on HVM guests
  • [NV] Fix for AWS ena driver memory leak
  • [NV] Removed the NIC links dependency when starting the controller
  • [NV] Temporary fix for the crash on management commands

In Development - targeted for an upcoming release

  • TBD

Supported Features

For additional information on supported features, please visit the following link : Supported Features for version 4.8.6.

Compatibility and Limits Matrix

Please visit the following link for further information on compatibility and limits: Compatibility and Limits Matrix for version 4.8.6

Current list of supported Network Adapters

Please visit the following link for further information on supported Nics: supported Network adapters 4.8.6

Known Issues

  • In order for the GPU device to be assigned to a different VM, the persistence mode should be disabled. For more information, please refer to the section "Disable NVIDIA GPU Persistence mode" in the following document: Disable NVIDIA GPU Persistence mode
  • Occasional connection issues to PV guest console. Suggested mitigation solution is to reboot the VM.
  • The automated installation of PV drivers for MS Windows ISO images is not currently supported. An end-to-end functional solution is currently in the development process.
  • Editing an existing VLAN network is not currently supported. In order to edit the VLAN, you must delete and recreate the network.
  • It is not possible to edit the network configuration of a VM in the case the instance boots from an CD/ISO.
  • For a VM instance that is booted from CD/ISO, Sunlight does not initialize the cloud init logic. Network configuration must be applied on the VM by the user.
  • The maximum supported virtual disk size which is currently tested in the system is up to 2TB. Larger size vdisk deployments are currently under test.
  • NexCenter simultaneous resizing of multiple VM instances is not currently supported.
  • During the upgrade phase, primary and secondary nodes will be required to be booted down. Currently, the upgrade is performed manually by the Sunlight support team.
  • It is recommended that the maximum number of instances created in a cluster (all at once) should be limited to less or equal than 8.
  • Please use “SHIFT”, instead of the “CAPS LOCK” button, for capital letters, when typing the login/password of an instance through the VNC console. Using the “CAPS LOCK” button currently results in misspelled username/password.
  • Instances that will be moved and/or backed up in the NexCenter dashboard should have only one root disk. The existence of extra disks is currently not supported in this case.
  • The "Create snapshot" action currently does not support massive parallelism. We are currently testing to lift the limitations.
  • There is a caveat in using all physical NICs on an AWS cluster. Physical NICs 0,2,3 should be used only for private networks. Physical NIC 1 should not be used at all. The rest of the physical NICs, 4 to 15 should be used only for public access networks. In future releases this will be handled automatically via the virtupian UI.
  • Currently we do not support VMs using the UEFI bootloader.
  • We have noticed an issue when using large NVMe drives, larger than 2TB, during the installation process. We suggest that the NVMes are completely zeroe'd out before starting the installation.

PV images

PV images are deprecated - Our suggestion is to use a new template repo that does not include PV images, Please use HVM.

Supported Versions

You can visit the Release notes of the previous versions in the archive section. Please be reminded, versions prior to 4.6.4 are not supported.

We are limiting the scope of the minimum supported version to 4.6.4.

Relevant upgrade procedures will be published, please issue a request with out support team.

GPL Code Patches

The modified GPL code patches used in this release are available at: GPL Code Patches Release 4.8.0