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Q. I've tried to write the USB image to a thumb drive however the system won't boot from the device

A. Firstly, check that your USB drive has sufficient capacity. We require a minimum of 32GB for the master image, and 1GB for each of the slave devices. Secondly, check that your system bios is configured to boot from USB first before any other storage or NIC devices. Thirdly, make sure that you are overwriting the whole USB device, not an existing partition. ...if you are still struggling to boot the system form the USB drive then please get in touch with our tech team and we will assist further.

Q. Do you support any systems other than the Intel Bobcat Peak server at this time? I would like to use X or Y system that we already have in-house...

A. At this time we are only supporting the Tech preview release on the bobcat peak servers since performance and ease of use/deployment are so important for the user experience. We will soon be adding support for additional Intel architecture servers, as well as the Kaleao KMAX server platform. Please stay tuned for updates on this...!

Q. This is great, can I deploy more servers and test this at a larger scale?

A. Not for the Tech preview release. We have intentionally limited the max and the min number of servers to 4 in order to provide a predictable and accurate taste of what the system can achieve. In practice the clustered system manager can scale up to orders of magnitude larger numbers of physical servers across many racks, but a full license will be required to unlock this capability.

Q. I don't have the exact spec of CPU/RAM/Storage drive in-house but would like to try anyway, will you support me?

A. We have outlined the specific specs of the supported hardware based on what we have certified and tested against. It does not mean the system wouldn't work with other types of hardware, however we can't promise to support anything other than the reference spec systems for this 'Tech preview' release.

Q. What sort of performance should I be able to achieve?

A. We will shortly be posting a detailed blog outlining how to measure performance results, and how they compare against some other common platforms out there. Watch this space...!