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Q. I've tried to write the USB image to a thumb drive however the system will not boot from the device

A. Firstly, check that your USB drive has sufficient storage capacity. A minimum of 32GB is required for the USB image. Secondly, make sure that the boot sequence at the system bios is configured to start from the USB flash drive, before any other storage or NIC devices. Thirdly, make sure that there are no partitions on the USB flash drive and the entire USB storage is overwritten. ...In case you are still experiencing problems in trying to boot the system from the USB drive, please contact Sunlight support team for further assistance.

Q. How many servers can I deploy in a Sunlight cluster?

A. The declared system limits are always published in the release notes of every release. Please consult the notes to establish what are the current maximum supported limits.

Q. I don't have the exact spec of CPU/RAM/Storage drive in-house but would like to try anyway, will you support me?

A. The supported hardware section of the user guide provides information on which systems are supported. There is also a section on add-on cards that can be purchased to convert existing systems to be compatible with the Sunlight platform. Please consult this information for the latest supported hardware.

Q. What sort of performance should I be able to achieve?

A. Sunlight provides a performance portal which includes lots of detail on performance measurements conducted on the Sunlight platform both by the Sunlight team and external third parties. This site is provided as a portal to enable full transparency around performance expectations for different types of applications that can really benefit from the Sunlight technology.