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Deploying Sunlight on-premise

Sunlight can be deployed in your datacentre on-premise. In this section we present the minimum guidelines for deploying a Sunlight cluster and also provide links to some pre-certified platforms from well-known vendors.

The minimal recommended specs for a Sunlight cluster are as follows.

Component Minimum Recommended Units
CPU type Single or dual socket Intel Xeon or AMD Epyc
Number of CPU cores 8 cores or higher
System Memory 64GB or more
Boot device 128GB SSD
VM storage capacity tier 2 x 1TB NVMe or higher capacity
Network interfaces 2 x 10gbit Intel X550 or X540 family NICs


Sunlight strongly recommend utilising 10gbit switch infrastructure for network connectivity to the servers. Redundant switches should be provided if network path high availability is required.
Any 10 gbit switch such as Netgear Prosafe are suitable.

The Sunlight on-premise product runs optimally on Intel architecture servers (Intel Xeon or AMD EPYC processors) with a minimum of 64GB RAM, all flash NVMe storage and dual Intel 10GBit NICs (X550 and X540 family). Most existing or off-the-shelf servers can be configured this way (note the links in the section below on Add-on components). Sunlight performs best in such a configuration since the data and network paths are fully optimised to run virtual workloads with baremetal performance.

Complete systems

Following is a list of new servers from well-known vendors that meet the recommended configuration. For add-on components to existing any-brand servers see the component list at the end of the page.

Vendor System ID Configuration Guidelines
R165 F5 Further information here
R365 F5 Further information here
R385 F5 Further information here
W2000h-W370h F4 Further information here
HNS2600BPB24 (H2000P chassis) BIOS configuration guide here
HNS2600BPB24R (H2000P chassis) BIOS configuration guide here
SYS-1029U-TN10RT Further information here
PowerEdge 640 Further information here
ProLiant DL380 Gen10 Further information here

Add-on components to make any brand of server compatible

Vendor Component ID Configuration Guidelines
Network Interface Cards (NICs)
Intel X520-DA2 Dual port 10Gbit SFP PCI Express NIC card (e.g. purchase here)
Intel X540-T2 Dual port 10Gbit RJ-45 PCI Express NIC card (e.g. purchase here)
NVMe HBA adapters
I/O CREST I/O CREST Bifurcation SI-PEX40151 card Dual SFF port connectors to enable U.2 NVMe drive add-on support (e.g. purchase here)
I/O CREST I/O CREST Bifurcation SI-PEX40129 card Dual M.2 drive connectors to enable NVMe drive add-on support (e.g. purchase here)
Supermicro AOC-SHG3-4M2P Quad M.2 NVMe drive carrier HBA card. For more details see here