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Resource groups

For the first iteration of the RBAC implementation, the only asset that is managed and can be assigned to users is the Resource Groups.

So the basic steps for managing and assigning Resource Groups are described below:

  • The admin user creates resource groups in the respective cluster control panels.
  • The admin user creates users and roles in the SIM.
  • The admin user allocates a resource group to a specific role.
  • The normal user assigned with that role has access to that specific resource group.

In order to allocate a resource group to a role, the admin user should navigate to Infrastructure -> Resource Groups :

SIM2 goto RG

From the resource groups that are visible, the admin user can choose the one to allocate to specific user by selecting Assign RG to role through the actions gear icon, as presented below:

SIM2 assign RG to role

Choose a specific role from the drop-down menu:

SIM2 assign RG to role drop down

and click Yes, Assign!.

Now as soon as any user, that belongs to that role, logs in, they should be able to see and use the allocated resource group.

To that effect, the users should also be able to create VMs, directly through the SIM.

Equally, the admin user, can remove an allocated resource group from a role if necessary, thus removing access from all role users to that resource group.

SIM2 deassign RG from role