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Configure Datastores

A datastore is a collection of physical drives with a redundancy and overcommit policy applied. All the data that is stored on the system is thin provisioned so you can overcommit the available physical storage up to any amount.

Note that any overcommitment of storage comes with an associated risk that the system may run out of physical storage if too much data is written to the disks.

In order to present local storage drives to the server workloads as a unified storage layer, you must select available drives and create a distributed ‘Datastore’ across them.

To configure datastores:

  • Click the Datastores tab.
  • Click the Create Datastore button.
  • Fill in the storage configuration form step by step:

What should you see if there is no Datastore available?

If the system has not been configured previously, then the Datastores menu option should present the following:

No Datastore Found

Step 1 of 5 - Select the Compute Resources:

Select the compute nodes with physical storage that you want to add to the datastore. This will populate the available storage drives that are present across all the selected compute nodes.

Step 1 - Select the MV resources

Step 2 of 5 - Select the drives:

Click on the drives you want to add into the Datastore.

Step 2 - Select the drives

Step 3 of 5 - Select the Redundancy:

Select the redundancy level that you want to apply.

Step 3 - Select the Redundancy and overcommit

Step 4 of 5 - Enable metadata - (system DB backup):

Enable this so that the platform automatically backs up all system databases and offers the ability to restore in time a specific backup.

Step 4 - Enable metadata

Step 5 - Finalise the datastore creation:

Assign a Name and Description to the new Datastore that is being created. This information will be displayed in the Datastore list and used to identify the storage group when assigning to a resource group. Click the Finish button to create the Datastore.

Step 5 - Name/Desacription

What should you see when a Datastore is available.

If the system has been configured previously, then the Datastores menu option should present the following:

Existing Datastores


Emphasis on the GREEN TICK that indicates that the datastore has metadata enabled.