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Add/Remove Virtual Network Interface

This section refers to the ability to attach or delete a virtual network interface (VIF) in an existing VM instance selecting of available virtual networks that have been created in Network Configuration section.

Visiting the instance index page, and clicking on the actions icon (right hand side of each instance line) you choose first of all to shutdown the VM instance.

Shutdown the VM

After the VM instance is fully shutted down, user is able to add a new virtual network interface for this VM. Clicking on the actions icon (right hand side of each vm instance), you may choose the option “Attach new interface” as shown below figure.

Attach new VIF

Clicking on “Select a network”, user can select which available network interface to attach to this VM instance. After that pressing the button create , user has added the new selected virtual network interface to this VM.

Select new VIF


If you want to delete this new or any other existing virtual network interface that is attached to this VM instance, you could again click on the “actions” button and press delete option.

Delete VIF