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How to setup and configure the IPMI-LAN module on a Sunlight Appliance

The IPMI-LAN interface can be used to remotely monitor and manage your Sunlight Node Appliances, including Power State and Out-of-Band Mananagement solutions that provide remote console accesss (SOL,iKVM etc)

Use the following guide to enable and configure the IPMI module on your Sunlight system.

  1. Boot/Reboot the Sunlight node and press DEL button during boot

  2. Select 'Enter Setup' in order to access the BIOS Settings

    Enter BIOS

  3. Select the IPMI tab and click on the 'BMC Network Configuration' option.

    IPMI BMC option

  4. Select 'Update the IPMI LAN Configuration' to enable the interface.

  5. Specify the 'Configuration Address Source' as static (static IPMI address).

  6. Configure the following fields with the addresses of your choice, as depicted in the image below:

    1. Station IP addresss

    2. Subent Mask

    3. Gateway IP Address

    IPMI address configuration

  7. Press 'esc' and select the 'Save & Exit' tab as illustrated below

  8. Select 'Save Changes and Reset' to save your configuration and reboot your node

    Save adn Exit BIOS

The IPMI-LAN of the Sunlight appliance with the IPMI address of your choice has now been configured.