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Configure Resource Groups

All server instances must belong to a resource group. The resource group is identified by a set of physical cores that are members of the group and is associated with some number of datastores and networks.

CPU Core Assignment

When creating or editing a resource group, a system administrator controls which cores are assigned to the group and therefore on which physical cores a server in the group can execute on. Additional attributes of a resource group are the CPU scheduler and pinning policy that is to be applied across the selected cores, and the CPU core overcommit policy.

To create a resource group:

  1. Click the Resource Group tab.
  2. Click the Create Resource Group button.
  3. Fill in the configuration form step by step:

What should you see if there is no Resource Group available?

If the system has not been configured previously, then the Resource Grpups menu option should present the following:

No Resource Group Found

Step 1 - Select Storage Optimisation / Enable Fault Tolerance

The Storage Optimisation option is enabled by default.

The 'Enable Fault Tolerance' option allows you to specify the Unit of fault tolerance required (Blade/Chassis/Rack) and the maximum number of Units allowed to be lost whilst still remaining fault tolerant.

Also visible is the option to Automatically Failover in the case of a failed Unit.

Step 1

Step 2 - Select available datastores that will hold VM data

Select one or more data stores that are accessible to the resource group according to step 1 selections

Step 2 - select datastores

Step 3 - Select the compute node resources (NexVisors)

Select the members (compute nodes) that you want to make part of the resource group.

Step 3 - Select compute nodes

Step 4 - Select the cores that will be assigned to the group

Select the cores on each member to assign to the resource group.

Step 4 - Select cores

Step 5 - Assign the networks to which the instances may have access

Select one or more networks that are accessible to the resource group.

Step 5 - Assign networks

Step 6 - Finalise the configuration

Enter a name and description. Click the Finish button to complete the resource group creation.

Step 6 - Finalise wizard

What should you see when a Resource Group is available?

If the system has been configured previously, then the Resource Groups menu option should present the following:

Resource groups


Emphasis on the GREEN ICON that indicates that the resource group is storage optimised.