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The Networks tab displays, information on the networks that have been configured in the system:

Resource Value
Name The name of the network. Click the name of the network to view the following details:
  • Network Characteristics (DHCP, IP Address Start, IP Address End, Gateway IP, DNS IPs, Network Prefix)
  • Physical Interfaces
  • Network Virtual Interfaces
  • Bandwidth Usage Statistics
Type The type of the network
DHCP Indicates whether DHCP is enabled for the network
IP Address Start The start of the IP addresses range
IP Address End The end of the IP addresses range
Gateway Displays the gateway IP address
DNS IPs Displays the DNS IP addresses seperated by comma (optional)
Network Prefix Displays the network prefix
Actions Displays the list of available actions for the network. Currently, the Destroy action is available


  • Use the search box above the networks list to filter networks available in your system.

For more information on how to configure networks, please refer to the Configure Networks section.

Networks view