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Update Virtual Network Interface IP address

This section refers to the ability to manually update the IP address of a virtual network interface (VIF) which is attached to an existing instance according to the provided IP range.

Visiting the instance index page, and clicking on the actions icon (right hand side of each instance line) we choose first of all to shutdown the VM instance.

Shutdown the VM

After the VM instance is fully shutted down, we are able to proceed updating the VIF IP address. Clicking on the VM instance name, some options related to this VM are presented on top of the screen User can click on the Network tab shown in following figure in order to take the existing network interfaces that are attached to this selected VM instance.

Vm network updated

Now visiting the Network interfaces attached to this VM page and clicking on the actions icon (right hand side of each network interface line), user is able to edit the provided virtual network interface.

Edit Virtual Network Interface

As you can observe, user is capable to choose a new IP address for this virtual network interface in a range of provided addresses which was specified during the virtual network configuration. After choosing the new IP address of this selected VIF, just press update button.

Update VIF IP

Here you can verify the available range of IP addresses that was provided during the creation of this virtual network interface. For this example this virtual network supports a range of 18 different IPs ( –

VIF IP range

Now as you can see the IP address of this virtual network interface has updated successfully.

VIF IP updated