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Amphora VDisk

The Amphora is a Virtual Disk, stored into the Installation Disk, that is used for storing templates and backups . The users can configure the size of the Amphora Vdisk, during the USB installation process. The size of the Amphora VDisk must be at least 10 GBs and cannot exceed the max available size of the installation disk (minus the size of the controller management VDisks, that its almost 50G).

After we complete the installation process, when the Controller comes up, the Amphora is created and mounted under the Controller VM.

In order to cover failover scenarios, where the Controller can be hosted by a different Node due to a failure on the current running host, we create one Amphora VDisk for every Node of the cluster. This way, we can mount a local Amphora VDisk wherever the Controller is hosted at the time.

For example, on the installation datastore of a 2-node cluster, we see the following VDisks:

Amphora VDisk Datastore UI View

Where we have one Amphora VDisk for each NexVisor node.

Below is an example view of the templates stored locally on the Amphora VDisk:

Amphora VDisk Templates UI View

Since the Amphora will hold all the templates we download from remote repositories, it is important to pay attention to what size we pick during the configuration stage of the installation process.