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Manage instances from SIM

You can manage the instances that are connected to SIM. More specifically, you can move or backup an instance from an on-premise or an AWS cluster. Furthermore, you can associate or disassociate an IP to an instance. Select a desired cluster in order to view a table with the instances on that cluster.

Click on a cluster:

aws infrastructure new cluster hover Then select a node for viewing the instances on that node:

aws infrastructure new cluster open

Click on the "Actions" button of an instance in order to view the available actions, as shown below.

VM Menu

1. Associate IP (Only for AWS clusters)

In order to have a public IP associated with a VM, the user can allocate AWS managed Elastic Network IPs to the specific cluster (as shown on previous section) and then associate an IP to a specific VM, running on a particular baremetal node. Click on "Associate IP":

associate ip

Then select the IP that you want to associate with the VM.

2. Disassociate IP (Only for AWS clusters)

You can disassociate an IP by selecting "Disassociate IP":

disassociate ip

Now click on the specific IP that you want to disassociate.

3. Move VM

The user can move an instance between two clusters. The clusters can be both AWS, on-premise or one AWS and one on-premise. Click "Move VM":

Move VM

Then you must choose the cluster that you want to move the VM to:

move cluster

Choose the resource group of that cluster:

move rg

Choose the datastore:

move datastore

And finally choose the network:

move network

Then select "OK" to initiate the move process. The instance will be powered off and transferred to the specified cluster.


  • Currently only VMs with one vDisk can be moved.
  • Also we are able to move VMs with one active network.

4. Backup VM

The user can also backup any VM running on clusters that are associated with the SIM. The SIM will trigger a snapshot of the VM and the snapshot image is stored as a template on the AWS S3 bucket associated with the SIM. Note that a VM can be subsequently be created from the VM backup template on any cluster associated with the SIM. Click on "Backup VM" and select "OK", in order to verify the backup process:

Backup VM

The backed up VMs can be found on the "Templates" tab.